How to Choose the Best Therapist for your Autistic Child

Dealing with a child with autism is no easy task. There are many different characteristics an individual child may have and as such needs the proper care for their specific needs. One sure way of helping an autistic child is by having your child go through therapy. As there is no medication that is said to cure autism, therapy helps the child cope with the outside world and help them live as normal of a life as possible.

To help their children parents may say, “I need to get the closest therapist near me.” It should never be the nearest therapist but the best one as mentioned in a Betterhelp post; a company that provides therapy services online. Find the best therapist that can handle your child’s situation with care and to ensure that that child will never feel stigmatized by that therapist. We will give you a few tips on the characteristics a good therapist should possess to help your child with autism. Keep in mind also that one of the best therapists to get for a child diagnosed with autism is an Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapist. Here are some characteristics you should look for.

  1. Must have qualifications

Ensure that the therapist you are getting can show their credentials. Meaning that the therapist should have their Bachelors, Masters and/or PHD degrees. It is also good that they have some form of experience. So that you know that they have encountered and have worked with someone like or close to the situation of your child. Your child’s therapist should also show signs of continued studies. There is always new research and methods surfacing and as such the therapist should be aware of the new findings at all times.

  1. Not too populated

This means that it is best you choose a therapist who does not have a lot of patients all at once. Your child will need quality amount of time and commitment and thus with less patients you will know for sure that your child is getting the attention needed for their own situation. With the maximum time on hand the therapist will be able to develop an acceptable and consistent treatment plan for your child.

  1. Possess a friendly persona

Children are very keen on sensing when someone is genuine and has their best interest at heart. With a therapist that is friendly, or in other words, possess good interpersonal skills, it will allow for both the parents and the child to trust them. Trust also plays a major role in having the child be as transparent as possible with their therapist. It is said that people decide whether they can trust someone within 50 milliseconds of meeting them. So, if you realize that your child is definitely not comfortable with their current therapist, it is best you find a new one.

  1. Should have therapeutic alliance

This refers to the ability to make you as a parent feel as if you are in a partnership to ensure the progress of your child. In this alliance the therapist, although being the expert, listens and understand the goals you set for your child, helps to achieve those goals and in cases where those goals you set are unattainable, tell you why. The therapist will make you understand the goals she also sets for your child and the process she will take in attaining those goals. That way you both know the direction in which your child’s therapy is going.

  1. Must be able to adapt

A therapist for your autistic child should be flexible and have the ability to adapt to change well. Your therapist, although having to adhere to rules, should also know when to move away from those set of rules if they are not working out for your child’s specific case. A good therapist knows that one size does not fit all and will do what it takes to ensure that your child gets the best treatment possible.

Following these guidelines will help in the development of your child and will also give an advantage to smooth and fruitful therapy sessions.

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