Are You A Sleep Deprived Mom?

Dealing with a child who has autism can be extra challenging. As a mom, there are so many things that you need to take into consideration. If your son or daughter has autism spectrum disorder, then there is a high likelihood that he or she will have difficulty in sleeping at night.

Based on one of the research studies conducted by experts, they concluded that more than half of the kids who have autism have issues in falling asleep. These children have higher risks of making their situations worse.



So the question now is: “How do you solve this problem?” Take note that as long as your child is awake, you are also depriving yourself of sleep. As such, there could be a possibility that your medical condition will decline. It can also lead to stress, sadness, and anxiety. At the same time, it can even make your son or daughter hyper during the daytime. These are just some of the reasons why it is essential to develop methods or ways on how to deal with this.


Have a regular bedtime routine.

While you cannot force the child to sleep, you have the absolute right to put him or her to bed. Try to set a specific bedtime every single night. Do not give any exceptions so that the child with autism can learn to adapt to the schedule.


Turn TV or Internet connection at a designated time.

Set a rule wherein electronics are already prohibited when the clock strikes at 9 PM or earlier. Cut any access to entertainment for the child to feel a little less sleepy. Restriction of cartoons or games may not offer one hundred percent guarantee, but it can already be a big help on your part.



Keep distractions away.

A child with autism may find it exciting to move things around. Hence, it is highly recommended to keep the important furniture at the corner. As much as possible, attach them to the walls permanently. The furniture or other things inside the room can cause a distraction to your kid.


Administer proper medicines.

There are already several drugs available in the market, which are proven to be effective in lessening the symptoms of autism. These drugs are not considered as the ultimate cure for the disability. However, these substances can help you address short-time effects of autism. Always guarantee that you get the correct prescription from the child’s pediatrician.


Read a book.

Collect as many children’s books as you can. These reading materials can be a big help in connecting with your son or daughter. Make it a habit of reading a bedtime story to your little one before he or she goes to sleep. It could be an efficient way of making your kid feel sleepy.



Lock the doors all the time.

Never leave the room of your child unattended. If he or she sleeps in another room, be sure that you have set specific measures to keep him safe. A child with autism may be amused by the thought of going outside the bedroom or even your house. This instance could pose a potential danger to his life. Another option that you can take is to place a closed circuit TV camera at home to monitor the child’s actions or mobility.

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