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Signs And Symptoms Of Autism


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Autism comes in many forms and while it can develop at a fairly early age, it sometimes comes later. It’s quite an unusual condition despite it being a common one. This can affect two people very differently and that is why autism is still greatly confusing. Yes, you might think autism is the same in everyone but in truth, it’s not. Some people can live quite an average life while, unfortunately, some others are unable to do so and require care throughout their adult lives. However, what symptoms should you be looking for when it comes to spotting autism?


Early Symptoms and Signs

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To be honest, children as young as one can be diagnosed with autism. It can be spotted fairly quickly with routine appointments to doctors but, of course, it isn’t always easily detected in early years. However, some symptoms or signs to watch for in a young child would be them not responding to their name. Now, children don’t always respond at first but if there is a continuous non-response when you call their name; it’s something to be concerned of. Also, loss of social skills or language can be a symptom of autism and little social response. Some children can be over responsive to noises and touch.


Problems with Speech

A lot of the time, an autistic child can have problems with their speech. For some, they are unable to make conversation with others their own age and many children cannot speak. Speech can often present some difficulties with those with autism and usually, this is easy to spot within the early years. Now, if a child has autism from a very early age then it might be they do not talk at all or don’t develop those skills. There are lots of signs there may be problems with autism and when you notice them, it’s wise to seek advice from a doctor.


How Autism Affects Different People

In truth, there are different forms of autism and while some can go through life with minor care, many need full-time care. It does vary and while that might sound strange, it happens. There are many families who find they are not sure how to cope with the condition also and it’s difficult but there is now more help and support available if you look for it. You shouldn’t be afraid to ask for help or even look into it as it can all help you in so many ways. There has never been a better time to get help when you’re looking after someone with autism.


Spot the Signs of Autism

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Sometimes, parents don’t spot the signs of autism in their child; for some, it’s that they don’t want to admit there might be something wrong with their child and others, genuinely think it’s nothing to worry about. However, it’s important to note any changes to your child and keep a close eye on their development so that you can be sure any problem is diagnosed quickly. It can make the difference when you spot the signs early.